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My name is Bert Moen. I’ve had the opportunity to work with computers for over 20 years and am currently employed as an application developer.  Because I work full time, I may not fix your computer between 8AM and 5PM but I can guarantee excellent work, timely service, and affordable prices.  Most computers can be fixed in a single evening for $50. I can provide service for anyone in St Cloud, Monticello, Becker, Big Lake, Clearwater, Clear Lake or surrounding areas.

The biggest problem I've seen recently is also a major threat to your computer security and privacy. It's estimated that nearly 90% of all computers connected to the Internet are infected with Spyware/Adware. Your computer may have Spyware/Adware if you're experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Sluggish computer: If you've noticed that your PC has had a serious drop in its responsiveness lately, it could mean that Spyware/Adware is draining its computing power.
  • New "favorites": Spyware/Adware will often add "favorites" of its own to your browser's favorites' folder. If you notice an unusual number of new favorites and are not sure how they got there, Spyware/Adware may be to blame.
  • Fishy pop-up ads: Pop-up ads from Spyware/Adware software are designed to look like they've been served up by the legitimate Web site you're visiting. As a result, you may not recognize them as a symptom of infection. There's no way to be sure, but if the contents of the ads seem strange -- or if you're getting pop-up ads when you're not even surfing the Internet -- it's very likely that they are being served up by Spyware/Adware software.
  • Change of your default home page: One of the oldest Spyware/Adware tricks is to automatically change your Web browser's default or start-up home page. This is the Web page that appears when you start your browser or click the "home" button.
  • Unauthorized 1-900 number charges: If your phone bill charges you for 1-900 phone calls you didn't make, you may have fallen victim to a particularly devious form of Spyware/Adware. These programs will hang-up your normal Internet connection and instruct your computer to dial a 1-900 number -- silently.

If you believe you have Spyware/Adware on your computer you can go to my Virus Help page for some free advice to help get rid of it. Or give me a call and I'll remove any Spyware/Adware or viruses on your computer and take preventive measures so you don't get it again. Since Spyware/Adware is an 8 billion dollar a year industry for its creators, don't expect the problem to go away any time soon.
"If you've ever wondered how software got on your computer, and spent even more time wondering how to get it off, chances are you've encountered Spyware/Adware"


"Our tests clearly showed that even if you don't use file sharing, chances are good that your system is infested with various Spyware/Adware components."

Other services I can provide include installing RAM and other hardware, computer buying assistance and backing up files. Please see my Services and Pricing page for more details.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If I don't fix it, you don't pay.

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