Clean Up HTML

The three forms below were created to help clean up messy HTML. I was recently involved with a project where we were asked to move hundreds of pages from another web site to ours. The HTML was very messy, including tons of attributes that needed to be removed because they were extremely time consuming to manually remove using find/replace. Basically all we wanted to keep was the body text and a few html tags mentioned below and let our css handle the styles. The pages were created in FrontPage and they included Web Components. In some cases we wanted to remove the web components (webbots) and hyperlinks, hence the different versions. I hope one of the pages below will help save you some time!

These forms will remove everything except the page text and the <H1>, <P>, <UL> and <Table> tags.

They will also remove all the attributes within the tags except they will leave a border around the tables.

1. Remove all Comments and Webbots and Hyperlinks
2. Remove all Comments and Webbots but leave in Hyperlinks (also leaves in merged Table cells)
3. Leave in all Comments, Webbots and Hyperlinks (also leaves in merged Table cells)

**There is a size limit to the amount of html that can be cleaned up at one time although it's rather large. If you do get an error break up the page you're trying to clean up.